SUPSI.9 OPEN (extension)

Long Title: - OPEN (Open Source with Tablet Extension)
Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana
Fernfachhochschule Schweiz (affiliation: SUPSI)
Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz
Domain: ELS
Status: finished
Start Date: 10.07.2012
End Date: 31.03.2013
Project Leader: W. Bernhard
Deputy Project Leader: N. Bittel
Website: OPEN now allows to add new themes. The E-Learning quality-management via participative evaluation can be extended to other topics - as for tablet learning which has been implemented as new theme.

(See also SUPSI.2


Component Description, tool including the two new services TabletScan and OpenScan
TabletScan is an evaluation instrument, which allows to assess the use of tablets in education.
OpenScan is an evaluation instrument, which allows to assess your own theme
Qualiscan code Qualiscan OPEN - open source software, available at google code repository (Apache 2.0 License)

The tool TabletScan works as an evaluation tool for the use of tablet and other mobile devices in education. It can be used the same way like the QualiScan. In fact, it is the same tool but questions as well as the roles are focused for the use of tablets and other modern mobile devices in education. The roles are used to distinct between different devices, so one can compare these mobile devices to each other. The six benchmark areas are also changed to mobile relevant themes.

OpenScan is an evaluation instrument, which allows to assess an own theme. One is free to enter an own questionnaire and invite others to use it. OPEN follows the idea, that any other theme, where quality and improvement is necessary and important, can be handled the same way like the eLearning theme in QualiScan. The evaluation of own courses either with tablet learning or any other specific theme allows the user to find quality gaps and the group-centered analysis allows a search for improvements. The value of those intruments is, that they are easy accessible tools which allows to make group evaluation possible.
The use of all three tools is free of charges.

The website is hosted by FFHS on its own server for an unlimited time. The Community can be accessed by LinkedIn (compare SUPSI.2, which needs no techical support from the developers team. The Wiki-Toolbox is a SWITCH Service, also not limited in time. For all languages, the key persons are still available through the linkedin or toolbox network. There is an intention, to develop the OpenScan software for more functionality through the OpenSource Community.

Goals OPEN follows the idea, that any other theme, where quality and improvement is necessary and important, could be handled the same way like eLearning in Just by adding another questionnaire to QualiScan on the basis of a few simple mouse-clicks, opening a new Community in LinkedIn and adding a new part in the Switch-Toolbox Wiki for all kind of information like a pool-of-experts, webinars, documentation, reports and best practices for this theme. OPEN prepares the existing system to allow for adding new themes and it will also practically add a new theme as an extension to the already existing eLearning questionnaire. Its focus for this theme lies on quality management of eLearning dedicated for the use of tablets & mobile devices in higher education. The process of adding the theme "Tablet Learning" will also be a documentation to show, how one can add its own theme the same way.


The benefit of OPEN is, that everyone in HEI can start a new theme, based on its own demand or on demand of the existing community.
The system will be developed for opening new themes as well as opening it to Tablet Learning, because Higher education is more and more involved with the hype of tablet computers and the tremendous growth of the tablet computer industry.
Swiss Higher Education Institutes can benefit from having access to knowledge in three categories:

  1. an evaluation tool which helps to improve tablet & mobile eLearning,
  2. a community for knowledge-sharing as well as access to an information pool including a pool of experts and
  3. the possibility, to add new themes with own questionnaires and its belonging Community & Info-Box.


The webbased QualiScan evaluation tool has a fixed set of questions implemented, which cannot be changed without the help of programmers. Additional development for QualiScan will allow, that a new set of theme can be opened from everyone just by adding a textfile of questions, which then will be integrated into a new QualiScan-Theme with all its functionality of participative and graphical analysis.

A new questionnaire will be developed for the theme "Tablet Learning". Its development will be made in English, so it can be used in all parts of Switzerland. It can also be translated into other languages, based on demand.

As QualiScan is written in Java-Programmming language, it can be updated by anyone, who can work with Java. For a sustainable solution, the programming-code has to be described by the current programmer, so that enhancements in future are easy to take on by others.

There is already a community for the - according to this concept, a subcommunity for tablet & mobile learning will be established. The structures and concepts for the community already exists in, it has only to be adapted for the integration of a new tablet & mobile learning group, which also integrates a pool of experts for tablets & mobile learning. They can be contacted for further assessment purposes or any other kind of help.

Like in, there will be information, best-practices etc. for tablets & mobile learning as well. This includes the integration into the Switch-Toolbox as well as into the existing website.