Swiss edu-ID Working Groups

The development of the Swiss edu-ID is accompanied and supported by several working groups with experts from the academic community.

We invite members of Swiss Higher Education institutions, libraries and research institutions to participate in the project by contributing to one of these groups with their expertise and practical know-how.
(NOTE: Contribution is voluntary and unpaid by the project. The work may result in new CUS P-5 project proposals)

Group / Objectives & Tasks Member Profile Effort Dates (Approach) Members

Regulations (work ongoing)

Provide institutional input for the Swiss edu-ID legal framework

  • Identify regulations and policies at institutions, related to IdM processes
  • Discuss and clarify relevant questions within institutions
  • Provide input about Swiss edu-ID policies etc. your institution needs
  • Provide input about institutional experiences with end user policies

(Note: the legal framework will be accompanied by legal experts)

  • legal know-how (but not imperatively lawyers)
  • good overview of regulations and policies as well as IdM-related processes within institution
  • contacts with legal resresentatives at institution, possibilities to discuss open questions with them
  • easily obtaining information from other units within institution
  • work ideally at a cutting point between technical and administrative tasks

2 days
Nov. 2014 - May 2015

1st meeting: Nov. 20, 9:15-12:15, Zürich, SWITCH, meeting room Wiggis

(2 meetings in person,
review of documents, feedback)

ETHZ (Tomislav Mitar, legal services & Giorgio Broggi, IT),
UNIFR (IT & Sophie Tritten, legal),
UNIL (Martine Ray-Suillot, legal services),
USI (Marcello Baggi, legal fac.),
ZHAW (Samuel Witzig (e-Learning) & Marc McGuiness, (ICT security officer))


Group Management (call cancelled) -> Group Management will be implemented for specific use cases

Provide input for Swiss edu-ID group management functions

  • Elaborate use cases
  • Define requirements based on real cases
  • responsibles of tools or projects with a need for group management functionalities
  • people involved in group management projects
  • knowledge about group management tools and functions

Processes II : Report

Provide input for the Swiss edu-ID Version 2.0 and later versions by discussing and evaluating the architecture document containing basic information for the specification, e.g.:

  • system architecture
  • attribute definitions
  • options for attribute aggregation
  • quality level description
  • attribute verification processes
  • account generation & maintenance processes
  • interface descriptions
  • provisioning & back-channel functions
  • security concept
  • members of Processes WG (see below)
  • profound understanding of IdM/IAM processes within institution
  • able to identify weak or critical points of current and future solutions
  • opportunities to discuss those issues with stakeholders at institution

ca. 1 day;
Dec.-Feb. 2016,

Febr. 11 2016, 14:00-16:00, Schanzeneckstr. 1, UniS, room A 015, Berne


Critical review of the architecture document during February 2016.

Video/web conferences or meetings in person for topical discussions

- Meeting in person for discussion: 11.2.2016, Berne
- 15.3. Deadline for feedback
- 21.3. Document sent for 2nd review
- 7.4.2016 planned completion of Architecture document

EPFL (IT: Pierre Mellier),
ETHZ (library: Lars Händler),
FHNW (IT: Michael Hausherr),
UNILU (IT: Marco Antonini),
ZB (Claudius Lüthi, Christian Oesterheld)

Business Model: Report

Provide input for the business model

  • Compare costs of identity management
  • Discuss and evaluate different business model options
  • good knowledge of business models
  • knowledge about identity management costs (as for university, external services or alumni organisations)
  • background knowledge about SWITCH and tariff
ca. 1 day
March - May 2015

1st meeting May 4. 2015 (afternoon), Zurich

(1 meeting in person, ev. interview)

USI (Mario Gay, TI-EDU)

Governance Model: Report

Provide input for the Swiss edu-ID governance model

  • Act possible cases out to check usability and robustness of governance model
  • Identify points to be adapted/improved
  • Discuss issues with legal representatives at institution
  • knowledge of governance models
  • familiar with SWITCH governance and governance of AAI

ca. 1 day
March - May 2015

1st meeting May 4. 2015 (morning), Zurich

(1-2 meetings in person)

UNIGE (Jean-François Rossignol, STIC),

Processes: Report

Provide institutional input about IdM processes for the Swiss edu-ID implementation

  • Describe IdM related processes in detail (like enrolment, exmatriculation, register & administrate users like students, staff, library users, alumni, continuing education participants, externals; allocation of multiple roles; charging of services; issue identification cards, badges, certificates and diplomas)
  • Describe interfaces
  • Provide input for further project steps/pilots (call 15.2.2015)
  • ideally involved in IdM redesign project
  • profound understanding of one or several processes within institution
  • ev. technical background (business applications etc.)
  • able to identify weak or critical points of current and future solutions
  • opportunities to discuss those issues with stakeholders at institution
2-3 days
Oct. 2014 - May 2015

Opening & preparation for interviews: Oct. 28, 14:15-16:45, Bern, UniS, room A-119

(2 meetings in person,
1 on site interview)

ETHZ (Giorgio Broggi, IT; Ursula Müller & Lars Händler, library),
UNIFR (Centre NTE & Alain Cochard, IT),
UNIL (Alexandra Roy, IT),
UZH (Roberto Mazzoni, IT & Alexandra Müller, continuing education),
ZB (Christian Oesterheld, library use)

ORCID: Report

Provide institutional input about possible and intended use of ORCID

  • Describe current and possible future use of ORCID at institutions
  • Describe processes for integration at institutions & possibilities of ORCID provisioning for institutional processes
  • Provide input for further project steps/pilots (call 15.2.2015)
  • members of institutions considering implementation of ORCID
  • people involved in development of systems and services with relation to ORCID
  • librarians
  • managers and developers of publication systems

1-2 days
Oct. 2014 - Jan. 2015

1st meeting: Sept. 23, 11:00-11:30 online.

main workshop: Oct, 16th 9:15-14h, Bern

ETHZ (Barbara Hirschmann, library),
SNF (Christian Gutknecht, IT),
UNIGE (Jean-Blaise Claivaz, Open access),
UZH (Martin Brändle, IT),
ZB (Alice Keller),
UB Uni Bern (Markus Müller),
MDPI (Dietrich Rordorf)

Mobile App Support: Report

Provide institutional input for a better mobile support of the Swiss edu-ID

  • Describe requirements of institutions/users
  • Discuss ideas for better mobile support
  • Evaluate existing solutions
  • Provide input for further project steps/pilots
  • experience with integration of mobile solutions
  • mobile developers and integrators with knowledge about protocols as OAuth
  • IdM and application managers
  • researchers (in the field of mobile technologies)
1 day
Oct. 2014 - Jan. 2015

Individual and small group meetings starting Oct. 13 till 26. Nov. 2015

ETHZ (Marinka Valkering, LET & Christian Glahn, ISN),
FHNW (Ioana Gatzka, Digital Learning),
HES-SO (Aicha Rizzotti, ISIC-Arc & Christophe Hadorn, Cyberlearn),
UNIFR (Bruno Vuillemin & Gérald Collaud, Centre NTE & IT),
UNIGE (Olivier Jeannin & Patrick Roth, NTICE)

High Level Architecture: High Level Architecture (Summary/Flyer)

This groups has already achieved its goal:
Provide input for the Swiss edu-ID High Level Architecture

  • Clarify terminology
  • Provide input for the architecture document topics & structure
  • Provide ideas for architecture and general processes
  • Check document for correctness (quality control), judge applicability
  • IT experts & responsibles for IT services
  • good overview of IdM systems and processes
  • experience in the overall IdM system design and its integration
2-3 days
April - June 2014
(ev. checking of later versions)
4-6 meetings
wiki (internal),
mailing list

Identifier Specification: Specification

This groups has already achieved its goal:
Provide input for the Swiss edu-ID Unique Identifier

  • Discuss issues
  • Provide feedback about specification
  • Judge applicability
  • IdM specification experts
  • know-how about configuration of identifiers & about design of identifiers in use
1-2 days
May-June 2014
2-3 online meetings,
shared document,

Attribute Task Force (existing permanent group)

Provide input and feedback about attribute specification

  • Evaluate proposed specifications
  • Identify additional needs
  • Propose new attributes
  • admins of local IdPs, AAs and resources
  • AAI responsibles at institutions
  • expertise in Shibboleth, SAML, etc.
1-2 days/year 1-2 meetings per year in person,
mailing list (contact)

SWITCH edu-ID Advisory Board (existing permanent committee)

Provide strategic stakeholder feedback about Swiss edu-ID

  • Provide critical input about specification,
  • Evaluate project progress
  • Propose measures for anchoring Swiss edu-ID at Swiss HEIs
  • representatives of major stakeholder groups who advise SWITCH on the strategic level regarding the SWITCHaai Federation and Swiss edu-ID
2 meetings/year

2 meetings per year
(next April 6 2016)

Do you have questions? Or would you like to volunteer for one of the working groups? Please contact us!