About Swiss edu-ID

The project Swiss edu-ID is part of swissuniversities' program "Scientific information"

Since 2003 SWITCH is developing and operating the well adopted SWITCHaai infrastructure for authentication and authorization. Swiss edu-ID is an initiative to further develop SWITCHaai and overcome some of its shortcomings.

The main features of the Swiss edu-ID are

Long-term identification

Users who own a Swiss edu-ID can keep it forever. Depending on the current status of a user (student, alumnus, post-doc, ...) the user has varying rights to access services and resources.

User-centric paradigm

The identity is owend and managed by the user. A user decides who will get access to personal information. It is in the responsibility of a user to keep the personal core data of the identity up-to-date.

Institution independence

The Swiss edu-ID is independent of the affiliation to an institution. It does not matter if a user is affiliated with one, multiple or no university - the user has always one Swiss edu-ID identity.

Institutions are attribute authorities

A university decides about the attribute content that can be released for a user. Only universities can tell, what the current status of users at their institution is.

Attribute aggregation

If a user is affiliated with multiple universities, the Swiss edu-ID infrastructure allows to aggregate attributes from multiple sources. With the user's consent aggregated attribute sets can be made avaiable to services and resources.

Serve non-web resources

The Swiss edu-ID is designed to support authentication beyond web resources like mobile applications.

Link to other identities

The user is able to declare and prove links to researcher identities like ORCID or social identities. In a transition phase, the Swiss edu-ID should be linked by their users to the current aai-identities.

Broad target group

Basically, the Swiss edu-ID is available to all users who get in touch with an university: Students, researchers, staff, library clients, conference participants and guests, further education students, research guests, etc.

Flexible quality requirements

Users can edit most of their core profile information. Self-declared user attributes may be sufficient for some services, but most of them will require better attribute quality. In Swiss edu-ID, attributes can be individually verified to raise their quality. Services decide what attribute quality they require.




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