Swiss edu-ID Version History

Swiss edu-ID Version 2.0 (current version)

In addition to v1.0 Swiss edu-ID v2.0 offers the following new features

Ready for Organizations
Organizations can now make the transition from SWITCHaai to SWITCH edu-ID. An organization who adopts SWITCH edu-ID fully supports life-long federated identities for their members.

Basic Group Management
Group membership information can be programmatically set by service providers or applications.


Swiss edu-ID Version 1.0

The Swiss edu-ID v1.0 is

Open to all users
Any user can get a personal Swiss edu-ID. This allows academic services to extend their user base to alumni, further education students, researcher communities, library clients and many more.

The Swiss edu-ID is fully compatible with SWITCHaai and all services in the SWITCHaai federation. For a service only minor configuration adaptations are necessary to adopt Swiss edu-ID and be ready for all its users.

Ready for applications
The Swiss edu-ID can be used in production environment for various applications and usage cases (see recommendations below). Pilot applications for testing purposes and proof-of-concepts are welcome too.

Continuously extended
Based on the requirements of applications new functions will be continuously added to the Swiss edu-ID. The next evolutionary milestone is Swiss edu-ID v2.0 (to be released in 2016) with an extended attribute model.

Recommendation for Services

With v1.0 the Swiss edu-ID can be productively used for a various range of services. The most prominent cases are

Services that should be usable for users who are about to leave a university can easily do this by adopting the Swiss edu-ID. Furthermore, users can link their SWITCHaai-identity to their Swiss edu-ID identity, allowing services to recognize previously known users.

Users who are unknown by universities can be accepted for specific guest services like conference registration, events, working groups, temporary wlan access etc. Services can take advantage of the verified attributes email address, mobile phone number (now), ORCID identifier, name and postal address (soon).

National Services
The Swiss edu-ID is already now a good choice for services with a heterogenous user base. With Swiss edu-ID services can be made ready for users with no Swiss university affiliation as well as for users with multiple or changing affiliations.

Services relying on a full set of attribute information may be better off with Swiss edu-ID v2.0. In such cases it is recommended to contact the Swiss edu-ID team to specify the requirements or to set up a pilot application.

Users Get Their Personal Swiss edu-ID

The Swiss edu-ID is a user centric digital ID. The initial registration and the maintenance of the core attributes is done by the user him/herself.

  • Users can create their personal Swiss edu-ID (based on a existing SWITCHaai account or from scratch)
  • Users can add and verify personal email addresses - and use any of them to log in
  • Users can add personal information and partially verify that information

Varous levels of account verification are implemented. Further checks, like duplicate prevention will be added in the near future.

Swiss edu-ID enabled Services

Basically, the purpose of the Swiss edu-ID is to access services of Swiss higher education institutions, libraries, alumni organizations and other organizations related to the academic community. The Swiss edu-ID has just started and services that can be used with a Swiss edu-ID will be gradually added.

Service, Pilot Project Description Release
SWITCHportfolio alumni can use the service with a permanent account  May 28th 2015
SWITCHdrive use service with a permanent account  tbd
Swissbib use service with a permanent account  Summer 2015
ETHZ guest accounts use ETHZ guest services  tbd
Portfolio Transfer for Alumni as graduate student move an e-portfolio from university to SWITCHportfolio  Summer 2015