SWITCH edu-ID Adoption

at an Organization


Phase 1: Planning and Concept

In a first phase an organization-specific integration plan is elaborated. The organisation sets the goals of the edu-ID adoption, and identifies opportunities and risks. Based on the analysis of the current IT infrastructure and identity management (IdM) processes, an adoption concept, and a time and resource plan gets developed.

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Phase 2: Technical Implementation

In this phase the adoption concept from Step 1 is implemented. This mostly covers the adaptation of registration processes to onboard organizational members and the exchange of attribute information between the organization and edu-ID.

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Phase 3: User Transition

In the final phase, current organizational members are moved from the organizational AAI account to SWITCH edu-ID. Crucial aspects are appropriate communication and user support.

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More specific information like How-Tos or specifications can be found in the support section of the SWITCH edu-ID service.


Swissuniversities does provide funding for planning and adoption activities of universities (max. 50%).
SWITCH will submit a framework project for 2019 and 2020 in August. It foresees an uncomplicated input procedure for universities with the following submission deadlines:

  • 30.11.18 (start January 2019) (subject to approval)
  • 31.5.2019 (start July 2019)
  • 30.11.2019 (start January 2020)
  • 31.3.2020 (start May 2020)
  • 31.5.2020: Last call for projects in 2020 with start 1.7.2020 (use this form to apply for funding)

If you are interested and need funding for planning or adoption activities please contact us in advance.

Who is planning /adopting already ?

 see map of participants

  2017 2018 2019 2020
BFH   p   A (Aug. 2020)
EHB       p
EHSM       p & A
EPFL p     (A)
ETHZ     p A
FernUni   p A (March 2019)  
FHNW p    (A) A
FHSG   p   p & A
HES-SO   p    A (March 2020)
HfH       p
HSLU   p A  A
HSR       p & A
FHGR (HTW Chur)   p   p
HWZ   p    
NTB   (p)   p & A
PH Bern   p   A (Aug. 2020)
PH Graubünden       p & A
PH Schwyz   p   A
PH St. Gallen     p  
PH Thurgau     p A
PH Valais     p  
PH Zug   p   A (Oct. 2020)
PH Zürich       p & A (June 2020)
SLSP     A (Dez. 2019)  
SUPSI     p  
UNIBAS     p A (Nov. 2020)
UNIBE   p   A
UNIFR p     A (Jan. 2020)
UNIGE p      A
UNIL p     A (autumn 2020) 
UNILU   p A (Feb 2019)  
UNINE   p    
UNISG p   A (July 2019)  
USI     p  
UZH       p
ZHAW p   A (Oct. 2019)  
ZHdK   p A (Jan. 2020)  
ZHB Luzern       p & A (Oct. 2020)

 p = planning
(A) = adoption to be confirmed
 A = adoption



Do you have questions? Or would you like to start planning? Please contact us!


The development of SWITCH edu-ID was accompanied and supported by several working groups