SWITCH edu-ID Adoption

at an Organization


Phase 1: Planning and Concept

In a first phase an organization-specific integration plan is elaborated. The organisation sets the goals of the edu-ID adoption, and identifies opportunities and risks. Based on the analysis of the current IT infrastructure and identity management (IdM) processes, an adoption concept, and a time and resource plan gets developed.

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Phase 2: Technical Implementation

In this phase the adoption concept from Step 1 is implemented. This mostly covers the adaptation of registration processes to onboard organizational members and the exchange of attribute information between the organization and edu-ID.

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Phase 3: User Transition

In the final phase, current organizational members are moved from the organizational AAI account to SWITCH edu-ID. Crucial aspects are appropriate communication and user support.

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More specific information like How-Tos or specifications can be found in the support section of the SWITCH edu-ID service.


Swissuniversities does provide funding for planning and adoption activities of universities (max. 50%).
SWITCH will submit a framework project for 2019 and 2020 in August. It foresees an uncomplicated input procedure for universities with the following submission deadlines:

  • 30.11.18 (start January 2019) (subject to approval)
  • 31.5.2019 (start July 2019)
  • 30.11.2019 (start January 2020)
  • 31.3.2020 (if there is still funding available; start May 2020)

Use the sub-project application form to apply fo funding.
If you are interested and need funding for planning or adoption activities please contact us in advance.

Who is planning /adopting already ?



  2017 2018 2019 2020
BFH   p   A (Aug 2020)
EPFL p     (A)
ETHZ     p  
FernUni   p A (March 2019)  
FHNW p    (A) (A)
FHSG   p    
HES-SO   p    A (March 2020)
HSLU   p A  A
HTW Chur   p    
HWZ   p    
NTB   p    
PH Bern   p    
PH Schwyz   p   A
PH St. Gallen     p  
PH Thurgau     p A
PH Valais     p  
PH Zug   p   A
SUPSI     p  
UNIBE   p    
UNIFR p     A (Feb. 2020)
UNIGE p      
UNIL p     A (autumn 2020) 
UNILU   p A (Feb 2019)  
UNINE   p    
UNISG p   A (July 2019)  
USI     p  
ZHAW p   A (Oct. 2019)  
ZHdK   p A (Nov. 2019)  

 p = planning
(A) = adoption to be confirmed
 A = adoption



Do you have questions? Or would you like to start planning? Please contact us!


The development of SWITCH edu-ID was accompanied and supported by several working groups