Migration from AAI Guest Login to Swiss edu-ID for Swissbib

This migration was completed in August 2015

Your Guest Login Account will be replaced ...

As a Swissbib customer you may have previously used the login option "Private Individuals". This means that you have created an account on the Guest Login service for accessing Swissbib (and perhaps other AAI services).

...by a persistent Swiss edu-ID Identity ...

The Swiss edu-ID is a persistent digital identity for the Swiss academic community and related individuals as library users.
Because the Swiss edu-ID provides similar and in fact more features than the Guest Login has so far, the Swiss edu-ID replaces the Guest Login. After the Guest Login accounts are migrated to the Swiss edu-ID, the Guest Login service therefore becomes unnecessary and will be turned off.

Compared to Guest Login accounts that where deleted after one year of inactivity, the Swiss edu-ID account will not be deleted unless users wish this.

...but you will still have access to Swissbib.

Your Guest Login account will automatically be migrated to Swiss edu-ID.

Swissbib will inform you about the migration procedure.

If you access Swissbib with your Swiss edu-ID account for the first time you can use the same email address (as username) and password as with your former Guest Login account. The first time you login with your Swiss edu-ID, you will then have to:

  1. Accept the terms of use of Swiss edu-ID
  2. Accept the attribute release to Swissbib

It is also strongly recommended to change the password after the first login because the security from the migrated password from your Guest Login account is weaker (less secure hashing algorithm). By setting a new password, the protection of the password is improved considerably.

In case you don't remember the password of your former Guest Login account any more there are two options:

  1. Your web browser might have stored the password in the password manager or keystore. If so, you could look up the password there by searching for "guest-login.ch" and then displaying the password. How this works, depends on the web browser that you use.
  2. Provided the email address you used to create the Guest Login account still is in use, you could reset the password on the Swiss edu-ID service.

In case of problems

It may happen that an account was not migrated because account data was obviously not according to the Swiss edu-ID terms of use (e.g. fake names, unpersonal names). In such a case you can just create a new Swiss edu-ID and then access Swissbib with this account.
Take care to not create more than one Swiss edu-ID!

If there's any inconvenience with your access to Swissbib please contact swissbib-ub@unibas.ch.ch

If you encounter a problem with your Swiss edu-ID account please contact swisseduid-support@switch.ch