Swiss edu-ID: the academic identity made in Switzerland

Secure and designed to last a lifetime (This project is completed, May 2014 - June 2021)

SWITCH edu-ID is the digital identity SWITCH has developed for persistent use by university members within the project "Swiss edu-ID".

The project "Swiss edu-ID" resultet in the operational service "SWITCH edu-ID".
This project was part of swissuniversities' program "Scientific information"

Objective: User-centric identity management

University members already use a wide range of digital identities, for example to access scientific data, training materials and networks. However, many of them are of limited use as they only work for a specific service, time period or task. The Swiss edu-ID ties up all the loose ends to function as a lifelong, internationally valid educational passport.


Tried-and-tested AAI solution with potential to grow

SWITCH edu-ID is a logical extension of SWITCHaai, SWITCH's successful identity management solution. It carries over the strengths of SWITCHaai, including single sign-on, but also adds new scope for connecting to other identities and services. This makes it easier for people to manage their own data, streamlines identity management for universities and also allows academic services to be opened up to further user groups.


    Project leaders: Christoph Graf & Rolf Brugger
    Project coordinator: Petra Kauer-Ott