Swiss edu-ID Roadmap

Deployment 2017 - 2020

The migration is a required step for all organisations served by SWITCHaai to unleash the full potential of Swiss edu-ID. Therefore SWITCH plans to launch the SWITCH edu-ID service in 2017 (allowing organisational migrations) and to fully deploy it by the end of 2020.
Yearly entry points should allow universities to start migration planning at a conventient time, and in parallel migrations of ready institutions as well as further functional upgrades in line with the needs of universities:

Deployment Step 1

1.1.2017 - 31.12.2017 (to be approved by swissuniversities)


Main goals:

  • develop individual migration plans (all participating institutions)
  • improve and extend functionality of Swiss edu-ID by
    • using of strengthening identifiers as AHVN13 (FHNW & SWITCH)
    • analysing restrictions, technical methods and processes to grant privacy and data security (EPFL & SWITCH)
    • implementing duplicate prevention (on the fly and in batch mode) and resolution process involving end users in order to grant uniqueness
    • comparing password policies and implementing harmonization framework and user workflows for password selection and second factor
    • allowing management of arbitrary flat groups defined by end users (with Grouper), delivery of an affiliation attribute and integration with an attribute provider mechanism



Phase 2 extension

1.1.2017 - 31.7.2017 (to be confirmed by swissunversities)

The completion of version 2.0 takes more time (e.g., because of prioritisation of some use cases and no availability of software product covering the Swiss edu-ID use cases). The extension period will be used to include all features that are necessary for the pending use cases and organisational migrations.

Swiss edu-ID Phase 2

1.8.2015 - 31.12.2016 (approved by swissuniversities)

Main goals:

  • implement the service Swiss edu-ID v2.0 based on
    • target platform evaluation results
    • platform requirement list used for the RFI
    • working group recommendations
    • use case experiences
  • operate Swiss edu-ID v1.0 service and its use cases from phase I and gain new use cases
  • back project decisions and improve community take-up by close cooperation with the community via topical working groups
  • keep community informed and foster international uptake to work towards a globally scaling Swiss edu-ID by communication measures

Basis for Version 2.0 builds the architecture document that was reviewed by the Processes II WG during the "Requirement Collection & Analysis" Phase.


Swiss edu-ID Phase 1

1.5.2014 - 30.6.2015 (approved by swissuniversities)

Main goals:

  • establish the Swiss edu-ID in the community
    • build working groups and collect requirements
    • develop the Swiss edu-ID architecture
    • clarify the legal issues
    • ensure interoperability
    • handle sustainable service operation
  • set up the Swiss edu-ID V1.0 service
    • initial basic functions