SCALE-UP project

Scientific cloud services for Swiss academic community

Cloud services for the Swiss academic community

The SCALE-UP project's goal is to create academic cloud services together with 9 project partners from academic institutions. SCALE-UP bases on the successfully completed SCALE project which built a scalable infrastructure and the infrastructure service SWITCHengines.

As a “cooperative integration project” it brings the SCALE infrastructure UP to the service and community level. SCALE-UP provides from the start generic academic software services, which can be used in a variety of disciplines and university types. Many of the work packages have two main tracks – a technical track and a best-practice track. By this we want to make sure that we provide not just a collection of technical tools but rather a well designed overall environment in which to provide these services.

The diagram below shows the existing elements (Cloud infrastructure and SWITCHengines) as well as the new elements to be created within SCALE-UP.

swissuniversities program "Scientific information"

The project is also promoted by the swissuniversities program "Scientific information". Substantial parts of it receive a funding from swissuniversities.

An infrastructure for other projects in the program "Scientific information"

Projects funded by the program "Scientific information" are encouraged to use the Cloud infrastructure services. The usage is free and resources are allocated in coordination with SWITCH, depending on available capacity (subject to agreement with SWITCH). For more information, please contact us.